Brief Description:

MCESC provides professional support and training in the areas of technology, human resources, special education support, educational and fiscal planning, community engagement and public relations to member educational organizations and partners. A majority of the employees perform their responsibilities at remote locations for a significant portion of the work week and use the ESC building as a home base for data recording, reporting, peer-to-peer work sharing, and planning. This requires our design to provide a highly flexible environment that balances the need for individual (quiet) work areas and spaces that encourage easy collaboration for the highly mobile and electronically dependent workforce.

Our team worked closely with the ESC to ensure easy integration of various mobile technologies used by the staff with the building’s network infrastructures; video presentation capabilities; data recording, filing and collection.

Another critical aspect of the new facility is to provide meeting spaces that will serve as a training facility to the staff of the ESC’s member organizations. These spaces are designed for easy provide visual and audio presentation and recording capabilities. The meeting spaces are designed to be reconfigured easily to accommodate large and small group activities.  As work progressed, professional design services were need to accommodate classrooms and labs within existing spaces at the Mahoning County Career and Technical Center for the Center’s STEM academy.

Services: Electrical and technology engineering, fire alarm, exterior lighting, lighting design, elevator systems and controls, power distribution

Year Completed: 2016

Project Size: 14,000 SF

Project Cost: $8.5 Million

Client Industry: Educational Institution

Delivery Method: Design-Build