Beaver Local School District
New K-12

The new K-12 building for Beaver Local Schools is the realization of the State of Ohio’s goal to infuse the ideals of the 21st century learning skills into a state-of-the-art school facility.

The new school houses innovative environments for elementary, middle and high school students with connectivity to shared functions coupled with appropriate separation of grouped grade levels. The complex provides students with multiple areas for athletics, art, music and drama. The naturalistic site features its own play fields as well as an adjacent golf course and is easy access to Beaver State Park.

The facility features student learning centers that depart from a typical classroom setting. This bold new school promises to deliver the kind of education that will enable students to succeed and embrace the future.

Services: Power distribution, lighting design, performance lighting

Year Completed: 2015

Project Size: 246,500 SF

Project Cost: $55 million